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GT Program: HIGATE

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Teresa Flynn


Overview of HIGATE 21-22

Seventy-nine students are enrolled in the Highland Gifted and Talented (HIGATE) program. Students in grades four through twelve are identified as Gifted and Talented using multiple criteria and measures that document evidence of above-average intellectual ability, task commitment, and creativity. The district utilizes a screening committee made up of an administrator, counselor, and classroom teachers to identify students.


In kindergarten through fourth grade, all students receive weekly HIGATE enrichment. Students are not formally identified, but they are served through whole group lessons that allow the HIGATE teacher to document potentially gifted students.  Students choosing virtual learning are provided with enrichment opportunities as well.  


For fourth through sixth grade, the program provides a flexible curriculum that is differentiated beyond the regular school program. These students are “pulled out” of regular classes. The program is designed to enhance critical thinking, improve research and communication skills while fostering independent learning.  This year students in 5th and 6th grade will participate in a virtual HIGATE class with assignments in Google Classroom and will also participate in Google Meet sessions with the HIGATE teacher. 


Seventh- through twelfth-grade gifted students are served through course content teachers (English, Math, Science, Social Studies), Pre-AP, AP, and Concurrent Credit.  The GT Coordinator maintains oversight of student activities and works with classroom teachers to document differentiation. These students also receive information through Google Classroom and about programs that are available for gifted students.