Parent Teacher Conferences


We love it when we can partner with parents/guardians for educational success for students!

Below is the district schedule for parent-teacher conferences.

Friday, October 23, is the last day of the first 9-weeks. Grades are due Tuesday, October 27. Report cards will be printed on Wednesday and mailed to parents on Wednesday, October 28. Teachers will make phone calls to parents throughout the week of November 2-6. 

Other than unique circumstances, we ask that parents do not come on-site for conferences. We will do all communication via phone or email.

October 23 - Last day of the 9-weeks 

October 27 - Final grades are due from teachers 

October 28 - Report cards will be printed and addressed mailing 

October 29 - Report cards will be mailed out 

November 2-6 - Conferences will be conducted

Know that you can request a parent-teacher conference at ANY time throughout the school year, not just at the designated parent-teacher conference times.